Modern Koan Project 21(MKP21)is a project inspired by Zen Koan*, whose goal is to cut through the source of human suffering, ending it, and realizing absolute peace and freedom for all mankind.  This is done by posing specific "questions" for each person to work on with one's all might. 

Based on the practice of Zazen (Zen sitting) and Koan, together we aim at fully realizing who we are, without the confinement of race, gender, age, religion, regardless of one's spiritual, academic, cultural or traditional backgrounds.

MKP21 is currently active on Facebook and YouTube,

where we share information, and also hold regular zen-sitting meeting  (Zoom 坐禅会) using ZOOM.

*"Koan" is the record of interactions between zen practitioners of the old days, which has been traditionally used in Zen training.