Modern Koan Project 21

Modern Koan Project 21 is an attempt to cut into the source of human suffering and end

it, hence realizing a true healing and absolute freedom.  It is an act inspired by Zen koans, which are the records of live interactions between practitioners of Zen. 

The materials used are not confined to a particular religion, and it takes a whole variety of forms, such as questions, stories, visual arts and more, which serve as tools to achieve the goal mentioned above.

 Our aim is to create such kind of works 

that people can easily work on, so that they can come across intellectual as well as experiential understanding, while enjoying the subtlety and clarity of what is offered through the works. 

We are presently active in offering or sharing information on Facebook and YouTube, as well as particular activities such as Silent Sitting and Sharing on ZOOM and Kissaco Session

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