We hold a ZOOM zazen sitting meeting every morning.  If you ...

・want to participate in a zen sitting meeting at a temple but feel hesitant to do so

・want to sit together with others before going to a temple and sitting zazen there

・simply want to experience zen sitting

this is the place for you!

No experience nor knowledge about zen is required; everyone is welcome.

If you practice zazen, please utilize this as a chance to add it to you your daily routine.

* If you have never sat zazen, please refer to the link below for how to sit


* If you prefer to get some instruction via ZOOM, please contact the email address below.



21:00 Zazen starts(with the ringing of a signal bell)

21:20 Zazen ends(with the ringing of a signal bell​)

If you wish to join us, please email swinganova@hotmail.co.jp​ (participation is free of charge)。​