*Below are some quotes that can be referred to as tips for those who sit zazen with explanation on each quote.

1. Originally, thoughts have no substance at all, so if shadows (thoughts and images) appear, come, or stop, let them be as they are and do not cling to them; that way, you can't be deluded. If you are not attached to thoughts, you are not in delusion; so, whatever shadows appear, it is the same as thoughts not appearing.  Even if hundreds of thousands of thoughts come, it's the same as thoughts not coming.  They aren't in your way at all, so there is no thought that should be cleared away or renounced.

                                    − Yotaku Bankei

Explanation: When thoughts appear, whatever kind they are, or however many times they appear, never try to clear them away or delete them.   

2. One period of zazen should be empty, just like a fireball, throw yourself on the breath, and 


                                       − 孤雲懐奘

Explanation: Wholeheartedly do this single thing  (sitting, breathing or working on a question), and never mind other things.





① 諸々の念は消そうとしないこと。気にとめぬこと。

② とはいえ気になってしまうので、やっていることに一心に、全力で取り組むこと。

③ ひとつ取り組んでいることの他に、別な何かを求めないこと。

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