Q1. Why do we have to work on the "questions"?


A1. We do so in order to fully realize who we are.

Q2. What happens when we realize it?

A2. Absolute and unconditional freedom, as well as great peace, is there.

Q3. Why does that happen?

A3. When our true nature is fully realized, things we are in conflict with, (what we avoid, fight, take away and then take in, or escape from ... such as people we hate, unpleasant happenings, worrisome matters, or death) because of our wrong way of seeing the world, reveal their true nature as well.  This stops our habit of seeing everything in a dualistic way, enabling the removal of a heavy psychological burden.  We become free from self-imposed hardship, and a great relief comes without the need of relying on anything for it to come.

Q4.  And then, what?

A4. If one has realized it, one of the enjoyments of life is to share that realization with others. To do so, one has first to realize it, so that is the very first thing that person has to do.

Q5.  How long do we have to work on the questions?

​A5.  It depends on the person who works on it.  Crucial factors are how serious one is, and how honest one is to oneself, which means, that person doesn't make a compromise by lying to himself / herself that s/he has reached a certain goal and doesn't need any work anymore.

Q6.  Can we get the answer by thinking over the question?

A6.  We cant get an authentic answer using thoughts.  If we, however, don't do anything about it, nothing will happen.  So, to begin with, there's no way other than to think, doubt, and tackle the question wholeheartedly.  In this way, if continued, the distinction between the questioner and the question is no more, the two becoming completely one.  To get the answer, one must be the question itself​.

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