Hectic days, work overload, complex relationships ...


You may not regard yourself as unhappy, but still, you may be having an ambiguous feeling about whether this is what life really is about.

If the passage above struck you, this website is a perfect place for you.

"Kissaco," in Japanese, means "Come, have some tea!"


Here, please feel as if you're enjoying a cup of tea, and have a little rest.

And as you temporarily leave this busy life, nonstop chores, complexity of communication, please try asking yourself the question "who am I".

This might be the key to clarify the slight ambiguity and doubt about what really living a life is. 


During the online session available on an appointment basis (totally free of charge - please see below for the email address used to make an appointment), the inquiry-assistant works with the inquirer of the question "who am I," by making use of materials called "Modern Koan" and  "Body Koan," within the context of a relaxed dialogue (just like a teatime chat).

​Seeing, hearing, touching, feeling ... through the elaborate observation of what is appearing here and now, we work together to be in touch with what IS, in a most direct way.


Then, you will understand yourself, the emotions, the relationship between yourself and others, or the environment that surrounds you.

That understanding may feel like the burdens have been taken off, or simply moving, or surprising in its simplicity.

The path through which you can live a totally free and autonomous life will be open for you.


It's not even "will be open;"  it has always been open.  And you can just start walking.  

I wish I could be of help for those who are eager to start walking.

For appointment, please email: ​


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