*Below are some quotes that can be referred to as tips for those who work on the "questions," with explanation on each quote.

1. "... concentrate your whole self into this Mu, making your whole body with its 360 bones and joints and 84,000 pores into a solid lump of doubt.  Day and night, without ceasing, keep digging into it, but don't take it as 'nothingness' or as 'being' or 'non-being'" 

                         *"Mu" is a question given here to the practitioner to work on. 

                      − Quoted from Mumonkan Case 1: Joshu's Dog

Explanation: "Be full of doubt, and work on a single question.  Awake or sleep, work on it.  Don't convince yourself that you've got some kind of answer, saying there's nothing there, or you found something, or you didn't find anything."

Key Points:

Work on a single question with your whole being. 

Work on it day and night.

Never give an answer based on theories, nor convince yourself that you've got some nice    

   answer based on logical thinking.


2. "Oh, you rice bag!  Have you been wandering about like that, now west of the river, now south of the lake?"

                                                             − Quoted from Mumonkan Case 15: Tozan's Sixty Blows

Explanation: "You fool!  Have you been, in that way, wandering around to search for the answer?"

Key Point:

Stop the search for an answer.

3. "If you try to turn toward it, you go against it."

                                                   − Quoted from Mumonkan Case 19: Ordinary Mind Is the Way

Explanation: "If you try to reach a set goal, that trying itself goes against the truth."

Key Point:

Stop trying to reach a goal.

Summary of the Key Points:

① Work on one question wholeheartedly. 

② Work on it day and night.

③ Don't think over the question.

④ Quit searching for the answer.

⑤ Stop trying to reach the goal.

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